Primary Year 2

Primary – Year 2

Curriculum Overview

Cambridge Primary, gives schools a curriculum framework to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in younger learners. Cambridge Primary enables teachers to assess children’s learning as they progress.  The Cambridge Primary Curriculum framework for each subject – English, English as a second language, mathematics and science – provides a clear teaching structure. ISIB also use integrated assessments to monitor learners’ progress combined with a variety of other international subject options such as IPC, RE, PE etc.

Core topics to be studied

  • Unit 1A: Stories with familiar settings
  • Unit 1B: Instructions
  • Unit 1C: Poems in familiar settings
  •  Unit 2A: Traditional tales and stories from other cultures
  • Unit 2B: Explanations and dictionaries entries
  • Unit 2C: Poems by significant poets
  • Unit 3A: Stories by significant children’s authors
  • Unit 3B: Non-chronological reports
  • Unit 3C: Poems by significant poets and with language play
  • Number & Place Value
  • Mental Multiplication & Division
  • Geometry (Shapes & position/direction/ properties
  • Mental Addition and Subtraction
  • Measurement / Statistics
  • Problem solving, reasoning and algebra
  • Measurement / Time and length.
  • Health and Growth
  • Using Electricity
  • Grouping and changing materials
  •  Forces and Movement
  • Plants in the local environment /variation


Additional topics to be studied

  • The Magic Toymaker  (Toys and Games)
  • We Are What We Eat (Food)
  • Our World  (The Environment)
  • The Circus Is Coming to Town  (Movement and Entertainment)
  • People from The Past        (Significant People)


  • Myself
  • Celebrations
  • Stories
  • Leaders & Teachers
  • Belonging & Beliefs
  • Basic Movement
  • Team games
  • Swimming proficiency


In class assessments at the end of each topic will be marked to the National Curriculum levels 1c to 8a.

Further Information

For more information regarding this course please speak to Miss Gambril.