Danish Mother Tongue

Danish Mother Tongue


Curriculum  Overview

At ISIB we offer Danish Mother Tongue lessons to pupils with spoken Danish at mother tongue level. We follow the guidelines set out in the Ministry of Education’s “Fælles Mål” for Danish. The final exam at the end of Secondary is “Folkeskolens Afgangsprøve for 9. klasse”. All Danish mother tongue lessons, in both Primary and Secondary, have this common goal.

Topics to be studied

In Secondary Danish Mother Tongue the focus will increasing be on “Reading for Meaning”. Pupils will need to develop and learn to apply higher level thinking skills to a variety of text types. They will need to develop analytical skills, inference skills, prediction skills as well as evaluative skills at an increasingly complex level. Pupils will learn the characteristics of the different genres (text types) and will become more and more able to work within all of them, both in reading, writing and speaking.

“Genre Reading” and “Genre Writing” will build up pupils’ ability to apply an increasingly developed vocabulary, increasingly more in-depth knowledge of the world, increasingly better understanding of own experiences and increasingly better knowledge of the purpose and structure of text types.

The aim of Danish Mother Tongue Secondary is to develop competent, independent and critical readers who have maintained their desire to read more and learn more.


Year Danish Class Reading Test Spelling Test Writing Test
7 6. TL1  ST6 Writing Assessment
8 7. TL2 ST7 Writing Assessment
9 8. TL3 ST8 Writing Assessment
10 9. TL4 ST9 Writing Assessment
End of Secondary Folkeskolens Afgangsprøve for 9. Klasse

 Further Information

For more information regarding this course please speak to Mrs Bøgh, Miss Nielsen, Miss Nadesalingam or Mrs Le Strange or visit: