Keystage 3 . Information, Communication Technology (ICT)

Curriculum Overview

Lessons cover topics including programming, analysing data, using technology safely, understanding hardware and software components. Students will get to grips with advanced programming, safety online and building upon their understanding of how computers work. They will explore technology used by business organisations and will learn to create digital images and multimedia through sound and vision, and using manipulation software.

Topics to be studied

  • Graphics and Photo editing (Photoshop)
  • 3d Design (Sketchup)
  • Programming (Scratch/Kodu/Python)
  • DTP (Publisher)
  • Moviemaking (Imovie/movie maker)
  • Sound editing (Audacity)
  • Presentation software (PowerPoint / Prezi)
  • Animations (Coral draw/pivot stickman)
  • Inside a computer/Networking


Topics will last between 6-8 weeks and there will be an assessment at the end of each topic. There may also be a progress assessment at mid point of the topic.

In class assessments at the end of each topic will be marked to the National Curriculum levels 1c to 8a.

Further Information

For more information regarding this course please speak to Miss Bell.