KS3 History

Keystage 3 – History

Curriculum Overview

Throughout the course, students develop a series of key skills such as research, analysis, evaluation, cause and consequence, change and continuity. The skills they attain throughout their study of History are ones which will not only benefit them in their future studies but will also further improve their writing skills as well as their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Topics to be studied

Lessons cover a variety of topics in different years. The following is a breakdown for each year group:

Year 7 Year 8
Medieval Times, Tudor England, The Romans Black people of America, The Industrial Revolution.


Students are assessed every six weeks. Their assessment is a written piece on what they have been studying. After each assessment, students are given targets to work on before their next assessment. These targets are used to inform all planning so that students have the best means of reaching their goals by the end of each assessment.

Each assessment draws on different skills such as their ability to identify key evidence and their ability to write detailed explanations when assessing the significance of a topic in History.

Assessments at the end of each topic will be marked to the National Curriculum levels 1c to 8a.

Further Information

For more information regarding this course please speak to Miss Bohan