Inspectors Report 2017

Inspector’s Report

International School Ikast-Brande

Bøgildvej 2, 7430 Ikast

Briefly about ISIB

ISIB is an international “free school”, based on the International Primary Curriculum and The IGCSE. The mission of the school is to provide a high quality, challenging education to internationally-minded-students. The school strives to instill in the students both confidence in themselves and respect and tolerance of others, to create in students a curiosity and openness to the world around them, thus laying the foundation for democratic, national and global citizenship.


My name is Kurt Møller Pedersen, and I am the parent-elected inspector (“tilsynsførende”) and have been since the start of the school. Over the years I have been met with great hospitality and a keen interest in the feedback provided, for which I am thankful. I have now become a member of the board, elected by Friends of ISIB, so this is the final report from my hands.

As an inspector, you must focus on the following aspects of the school:

  1. Students´ level of achievement in Danish, math and English
  2. Overall assessment of the curriculum vis-à-vis the Danish Folkeskole
  3. Discretion on how the school prepares students to live in a society based on freedom and democracy

The quality of the pupils´ achievement is very good. ISIB is thus very successful in meeting its aims to challenge its students to be ambitious in all areas of life. As seen in previous inspections, ISIB maintains high levels of standards in learning and personal growth.

The examination results can be found in the reports from the Ministry of Education, both the results per se and results adjusted in view of parents´ social and economic background. This is corroborated by the inspections performed over the years: Pupils throughout the school have very good subject knowledge, and their reading, writing and communication skills are highly developed. This is supported by quality teaching which encourages pupils to think for themselves and to achieve the highest standards possible for each student

Privatskoleforeningen recently published an analysis of crucial parameters explaining why some schools perform particularly well.

The three central factors are

  • Stability and continuity, clear and visible values
  • Focus on child welfare and mutual respect
  • A learning environment with high expectations

From the very start of the school these basic assumptions of what constitutes a good school have been the DNA of ISIB. Good grades are important – for the pupils, for parents, for the school, indeed for society as a whole. However, they can never exist in their own right. Statistics show how well ISIB is doing when it comes to grades and numbers. However, visiting the school, supervising a lesson or just feeling the atmosphere are important ways of understanding how a school translates its values into practice. At ISIB pupils are well-behaved, self-confident and caring. They are inquisitive, clearly enjoying being involved – in learning, discussions and dialogue. When they leave school, they will be well-prepared for new challenges.

So parents: all in all, ISIB is an excellent school. Academically and socially, ISIB lives up to its highly ambitious visions and values.

Kurt Møller Pedersen

Tel. 2281 6460